Monday, April 4, 2016

This is how I lost an hour on a Sunday morning

It started with a video link on Twitter.

I normally do not click on Twitter video links, but no one else was awake in my household and I already had breakfast in the oven. So I watched it. After watching the video, I texted a group of my friends and the following exchange happened:

Me: I watched a makeup video on spring looks today (which I see now was a mistake) but the host said "make sure to put your foundation over your ears." I have never done that. Is this a thing?

Friend #1: LOL. I just read that recently too. I have never put foundation over my ears and can't say I plan on doing so. We can have off colored ears together.

Me: Have you all been staring at my hideously off-colored ears this whole time?!?

Friend #2: Yes. LOL.

Me: I feel like maybe I should get some elf ear covers to distract from the color distortion.

Me: WARNING: Do not search for "elf ears" in Google bc you will be faced with the horrors of people who have surgically modified their ear shape.

Friend #1: Hmmmm....I guess in comparison putting foundation on your ears doesn't seem so weird.

Friend #2: Should we also put foundation on our scalps? That's gonna take a lot of time.

Friend #3: I just got out of church. This was the strangest group text ever.

It went on from there for some time. As in an hour of time. Because there were large gaps between the texts, I had time to do other activities. But every time I heard my phone ding, I went over to see what was going on in the conversation.

And this is why I believe that older generations are more addicted to technology (as shown in this piece by priceonomics). Sure millennials send and receive hundreds of texts every day, but their friends don't have children and chores and work going on in the background of those texts. Teenagers can reply instantly. I have to wait for my friends to put down whatever they are doing and find the few seconds to write me back.

It's no wonder I am in love with the sound of the DING!

I should ask a question about technology use in your household, but at the moment I am more interested in whether you put makeup on your ears or not. Either way, leave me a note in the comments.


  1. I have NEVER put foundation ovr my ears but will chek out whether I need to later. I have the weirdest text message conversations with my little bro, Ilove reading them back. 80% of the time they're about fried chicken.

  2. I've always believed that fried chicken is awesome, and I am happy to see it getting some text love. Thanks, Moderate Mum!
    Also - I would think that ear foundation is incredibly hard to remove...