Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Worried about my generation

I spent a weekend at the beach with my girlfriends recently. And what I learned from them gave me hope: They reported that their children (mostly teens) were well behaved, not interested in dating or other risky behaviors and are quite academically inclined.

A few things about all this:
  1. If this trend continues, this will blow my theory around my son turning goth and against me right out of the water.
  2. This is pretty representative of how most teens behave today - as in, better than their parents behaved.
Do you want to have some scary fun? Try going to this link and entering in your birth year (starting from 1972 and younger) to determine if you behaved better or worse than today's teens. (Hint: The answer is probably worse.)

For example: In my birth year, I have learned that when I was a teenager, I was vastly more likely to know smokers (true), people who drank (true) and who became teenage moms (true) than teenagers today.

Suddenly, I have a lot of hope toward the teen my son is going to become.

How did your teenage years stack up? Tell me in the comments?

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