Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The next generation of parents

My husband once shared an interesting observation about our generation's way of parenting. He said that we tend to make changes for our children based off what we didn't like about our own childhoods:

We remember the long boring car trips and put televisions in the cars to help with backseat boredom. We remember injuring ourselves on the monkey bars and created safer playgrounds. We grew up in a time when school shootings were a real threat and had to go through metal detectors to get into our classrooms; toy guns don't seem appropriate to us.

Yes, every generation makes changes to (they hope) improve the world they leave to their children. And we are just starting to see the impacts that millennial parents may have on the world. A study by Crowdtap recently explores what effects the first generation of digital parents have on their children. The list includes:
  • Being wary of social media distracting from family life
  • Moms considering themselves to be the decision makers for their families
  • Appreciating technology's role but still wanting their children to go outside and play
What changes will be implemented next as we get more and more of this generation as parents? One item that made me happy to read was that millennial parents still look to one main source for parenting advice: Their own Moms. (Thanks, Mom!)

Who do you reach out to for parenting advice? Tell me in the comments.

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