Monday, January 25, 2016

I'm watching your eyes

My eyesight is bad. Really bad. Bad as in: I memorize the color of what the technician is wearing at the eye doctor's office, because once I take my contacts out I get a little lost when they move me from room to room.

Naturally, I was really worried about my son's eyesight and if he would have to wear glasses by age four (like I did). There is nothing wrong with wearing glasses (now that they actually make children's frames that fit their little faces, unlike the giant ones that I had when I was little), but perfect eyesight is definitely a wonderful thing. Thankfully, he seems to have his Daddy's eyes and the perfect vision that they enjoy (and I envy).

But I still worry about his eyes, especially after reading that children are twice as likely to suffer from myopia these days. Evidently all that time inside and staring at screens is not good for our eyes.

I'm not surprised.

Studies show that fresh air and sunlight are good for your eyes: We're are going to have to go outside and play. And watching him play is a beautiful thing to see.

How's your eyesight? Tell me in the comments.

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