Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I'm talking to myself

My son is in his room, talking away. He is talking about exploring a cave and there is treasure in the cave and he will need to gather some weapons to fight off any monsters or dragons that are guarding the treasure. But not the pet dragon that he has - that one he will not need to fight off, because it is a guard dragon similar to the pet tigers that guard his secret lair...It is quite an elaborate setup for a game. But, the truth remains: He is talking to himself.

My son has always been a bit of a talker, so I have accepted the fact that sometimes I can't tell if he is talking to me or if he is talking to himself (even when we are in the same room). He has been a talker since babyhood when he made adorably cute screeching sounds that were similar to what a baby pterodactyl must have produced when looking for its mother.

But in the baby sounds department, he wasn't alone: Evidently all babies like the sound of their own babble. Researchers who were working with babies who had some hearing defects, noticed that once babies were given a cochlear implant to improve their hearing, they started babbling more. In fact, they started babbling just as much as babies who didn't have hearing problems.

So, babies like the sound of their own voices. And, as we all know, the more they babble, the better they get at talking. From there you are on your own to determine who they are talking to.

Do you ever talk to yourself? Tell me in the comments.

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