Monday, September 28, 2015

Doing nothing on a day off

I have a day off soon. I am not going on any trips or spending time with friends or traveling somewhere fun. I am not doing anything but sitting still, ignoring all chores, and enjoying the idea that no one needs me. And I am crazy excited about it.

There is a certain martyrdom that working Moms tend to take on: We work hard at the office and then we try to be fully present for our spouses and children. And we are exhausted. So, it's time for Moms to take a vacation - a vacation away from everything.

Because the reality is that a stressed out Mom affects her children. A recent study done in conjunction with Project: Time Off went to a brutally honest resource for its data on work stress affecting home life: Children.

The study found that the majority of children notice their parents' work stress invading the home and they are upset that their parents never disconnect. That information has a direct relationship with earlier studies released by Project: Time Off which found that parents are not using all their vacation time, despite the widely acknowledged truth that rested workers are more productive.

So, I am taking a day off. From everything. Maybe I will read some books. Or maybe I will watch a movie. Or maybe I will just sit and pet the cat. Honestly, they all sound good at this point.

Hey, Moms, what would you do on your perfect day off? Tell me in the comments.

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