Monday, July 27, 2015

Dear Facebook friends: Is blue poop normal?

There is a moment in most modern parents' lives, when you will find that your parenting instincts fail you. It's not a happy moment and you certainly aren't ready for it, but there it is.

And most parents (around 75%), when faced with the unanswerable quandaries that children create, will turn to their social media friends for help and advice.

In another time, we would have called our parents, or reached out to friends one-on-one, but because we are all so connected, it makes sense to just pose the query of the day on our social media group and hope someone has been there and done that and holds the answer.

I can see the appeal: There is something really comforting about knowing there is help whenever you need it and that you probably aren't experiencing a new issue. 

But there is a dark side, as well. What if you notice that you are the only person who is posting questions or has parenting problems because everyone else is only posting the best and brightest projections of their lives (Allison chose broccoli over chocolate today!)

Or what if the question is a little too embarrassing, and you find that you really don't want to ask your friends if blue poop is normal in toddlers.

(Sidebar: It's fine. Just lay off drinks with too much food dye.)

Like most things in life, it just comes down to personal preference: If you take comfort from asking for help, then ask. If you find yourself making unpleasant comparisons about your life and everyone else's...then you should probably just call your Mom.

What's the last parenting question you asked your social media group for help with? Share in the comments.

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