Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Working out a workout schedule - for dads

Before my husband and I were married, we would go to the gym together. We would get home from work around the same time, change clothes and hit the gym. It was nice to work out together because we could motivate each other and still spend time together.

Fast forward to today. I run, but at 5 am when no one else in my family is awake. My husband and I talk to our son about exercise when we play in the yard or ride bikes on weekends, but it never feels like it is enough - I want to show our son what exercise is like, not just talk to him about it.

For all my talk about exercise, there is one person I've neglected: My husband. (Sorry, Honey!) And, if he is anything like a lot of other men, he may be finding it hard to balance time for exercise with work and other responsibilities.

A recent study published in BioMed Central Public Health takes a look at the struggle many dads go through when trying to find the time to exercise. The men in the study reported thinking that it was "selfish" to carve time out of their already packed schedules to exercise, choosing to spend that time with their wives or children instead.

I already know that my husband isn't interested in running with me at 5 am (for many reasons). But I would like him to know that if he wants to work out during the day, then I am happy to have the conversation with him. Maybe I'll take over end-of-day bath duties a few times a week or make sure he has the time he needs on the weekends. 

After all, having mom and dad healthy benefits the entire family. 

When do the people in your family exercise? Share the schedule with me in the comments.


  1. This is a good reminder that I should not make my husband feel guilty for finding time to work out. We tend to work out together after work right before dinner. If we know we will be traveling, we get up super early (before the sun) and get in a work out together.

    1. Mandy, it's great that you are able to find the time to work out together!