Monday, February 17, 2014

Honey, please pass the popcorn

So, last week, we were watching movies because we were sick. This week, my husband and I are watching movies to help our marriage.

(Yeah, that sentence didn't really seem to make sense to me, either.)

The researchers at the University of Rochester have found that fun habits like watching five movies a month can help resolve issues in the early years of marriage. The researchers divided couples into three groups: The conflict management group were trained to deal with anger levels and promote active listening; the compassion group were tasked to work together as a team and find common ground; the final group watched movies.

OK, so not just any movies. There was a list of 47 movies featuring characters with positive and negative relationship qualities.

My husband and I used to go out to the movies together all the time. Now it's less frequent, but still a fun activity that we enjoy. (We mostly watch movies at home now.) We definitely have different tastes: I do my best to not make him watch chick flicks with me; he can watch his brutal movies with his guy friends.

These days we seem to be watching more family-friendly movies. Or at least more Disney flicks. And although that is a nice way for all of us to bond, I just don't think he and I will be engaging in any deep discussion over Peter Pan and Wendy anytime soon.

What's your favorite movie genre? Tell me in the comments.

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