Friday, October 25, 2013

Would you want your child's health records online?

It was six weeks after having my son. My C-section scar was recovering nicely, I had giant breasts from nursing and like all mothers of babies, I was incredibly sleep deprived. There I stood with seven pages of forms to fill out to enroll my son into school, and I had full-on mommy brain. I tried my best to answer their questions:

Weight? No idea. It changes so often, but I think he is heavier than my cat.
Height? Ummmm...tall for a baby
Number of feedings per day: Lots. Sometimes less if he is really hungry. All I know is that my boobs are tired.
Current immunizations: Uhhhhh....all of the ones he is supposed to have. (I think).

It would have been so much easier if I had access to his last set of medical records to look up that information. Think about all the wellness visits that take place within the first year of life. It's hard to keep track of all that baby data. 

So, it makes sense to me that a recent study suggests online access to children's health records may help parents remember to keep all those wellness appointments.

Do you have online access to your child's medical records? If not, would you want it? Have you ever struggled to remember your child's medical details?


  1. I'm a little torn on the issue. On one hand it would make life a ton easier, on the other I always worry that information online could be leaked or used against my kid later one. Maybe I'm paranoid. I do love technology though and offices always score pointa with me when that have a site that offers all your records, appointments, and prescriptions online.

    1. Yes, I can see the worry about the information being used against you at some point. But, I think that is something we all have to face in this day and age - our digital information is out there and hackable. We just have to be vigilant consumers for ourselves and our children.