Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Who taught you how to drive like that?

I was a late-in-life driver. There were a number of reasons why that is, but when it was time for me to learn what to do behind the wheel, my parents were not available to teach me. So, my Mom got me a driving instructor. (Thanks, Mom!)

And the first time I got into his vehicle with the dual driving system, I felt like everything was going to be OK. After a few days of lessons driving around Columbia, I passed my test on the first try.

Although we are many years away from having to teach our son how to drive, I often wonder about how we would teach him. (I also wonder if his vehicle will be able to drive itself by then and if the driving test is even necessary at that point, but that is another post for another day.) While the traditional role of driving instructor tends to fall into Mom and Dad's lap, I am often reminded that just because you know how to do something doesn't mean you know how to teach that skill to someone else.

So, I am all for the news that states are now requiring parents of teen drivers to take a class before their children get a license. Sure, the class is mostly to review laws around safety and how to avoid distracted driving, and not on tips to help teach someone else how to drive, but it is a start.

How did you learn how to drive? Tell me who taught you in the comments.

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