Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The person you will be one day

When my son was only five weeks old, we toured the school we would be sending him to when I returned to work. We walked through each of the brightly lit rooms, starting with the infant room. We ended the tour in the room of three-year-olds. Those children looked massive to me and I could not wrap my head around my little baby being one of those giants one day.

Now, as he approaches seven, I have a hard time imagining what he will look like as a teenager or even as an adult.

But that's just the physical appearance. There is no telling how much he will change personality wise as he continues to grow. You see, there have been some decades-long studies that show we are basically the same person from our childhood years to our middle age or from our middle age to older age, but now there is a study that suggests that our almost 80-year-old self is unrecognizable from our teenage self.

While there is no direct cause for the shift in the personality over a lifetime, I am sure we could speculate. Our personalities can be shaped by what we experience over a lifetime, and some of those shifts can disrupt our entire perspectives on the world.

I have lots of hopes for my son, especially around the values that our family holds most dear - I want him to keep those values at the core of his life and pass them onto his children. But, no one really knows what the future will hold.

Do you think you are the same person now as you were as a teenager? Tell me about it in the comments.

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