Friday, December 9, 2016

The 15-minute mile

Something very silly occurred to me the other day, as I was thinking about how I don't make enough time in my day for exercise. My problem is that I have been looking at my schedule for a large block of time, but the truth is I don't need that. I just need 15 minutes.

I know that is all the time I need, as there is a movement in Britain's schools right now where students are released from class for 15 minutes to walk/run a mile. They love the fresh air and social aspect, and come back to their seats completely refreshed and better able to focus. Teachers who adopt it find that the class performance has improved and they are proud in their effort to help fight childhood obesity.

Fifteen minutes is easy. I should be able to find 15 minutes in my day to knock off a few quick laps to clear my head, breathe fresh air and return to my desk. Right?


Do you have 15 free minutes in your day to exercise? Tell me in the comments.

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