Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dinner at home

As mentioned before, I am the primary cook in my family. I love cooking. And I feel secure enough to admit that the idea of cooking for my family has been integrated with what I think constitutes Mommyness for me.

I teach my son to cook (when he is interested), I pass the cooking reigns over to my husband (who is also a wiz in the kitchen) several times a month to relieve the pressure from myself, and I let my son pick dinner on Wednesdays.

It is that last item of our family dinner routine that has been so fascinating to me: Wednesdays have become a bit of a wild card in our family. In a life that is so structured and organized, I can honestly say that I have no idea what I will be eating at least one night every week.

Most Wednesday evenings see us either out at a restaurant or digging into leftovers to play a game together. And both options work for us - as long as we are eating together, I am happy.

There will be plenty of years in my son's life when he gives up on cooking for one and joins the army of people getting takeout. But until that happens, we are going to enjoy sitting around the table together just a little longer.

What's your favorite family dinner? Tell me in the comments.

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