Friday, November 4, 2016

Asking the boss for a baby

My husband and I are planners. So, when it came to us having a baby, we mapped it all out: When we would start trying, what potential names we liked, and childcare after the baby was born. We were lucky in the fact that it didn't take us long to get pregnant, and although we had some wrenches thrown into the plan that required adjustments, we are a very happy family today.

Looking back at all those (somewhat naive) planning session, at no time did my husband and I think of asking our bosses about having a baby. And yet, that is what a lot of families are doing right now.

Of course, people aren't really asking permission from their bosses, but they are considering the judgement of their employers and even their coworkers as factors in having a baby. In the latest survey by Bright Horizons, parents-to-be are worried about losing out on potential job opportunities at their current workplace and are even taking pay cuts to work at more family friendly offices.

Both my husband and I work for family friendly offices today, but there are still a lot of days that I struggle with work/life balance. I think that is just something that parents get used to every day - no matter what type of office they work for.

Was your job a significant factor in your decision to have children? Share your story in the comments.

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