Monday, October 31, 2016

The house down the street

My son is fond of telling me that one day he will buy the house down the street from us and then he will be over every night for dinner. "Will your spouse come, too?" I ask. He says that she might or she might go to her Mother's house for dinner. The point is that I am perfectly fine with his current plan to be a presence at my dinner table for years to come.

The really interesting part of this fantasy scenario is that my son is a very likely candidate for home ownership in his adulthood. Over a span of four decades, researchers at the University of Michigan found that children who were raised in homes owned by their parents (instead of rental homes) were three times more likely to own their own homes in adulthood. There are lots of other factors influencing the final vote to purchase or rent, of course, including income and job stability.

My son and I walk the neighborhood and look at the houses. He says he has big plans for his, which includes an indoor trampoline, a slide next to the stairs and a cargo net style climbing wall. Actually, his house sounds amazing; maybe I'll go over there for dinner instead.

What made you fall in love with your current home? Tell me in the comments.

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