Friday, August 19, 2016

Delinking the food from the fun

"Mom, is it a dessert night?"

I get asked that question almost every night. And I am pretty arbitrary in whether or not it will be a dessert night, as it depends on a lot of factors. To paraphrase Cookie Monster: Dessert is a sometimes food.

But, we sometimes do have dessert, where I will have my son taking everyone's order and we customize their ice cream for them. Or when we have gourmet s'mores. Because if we are going to have dessert, then we are also going to have a good time.

And that may not be wise of me, as this UK study found that children linked junk food with having a great time. Granted, the study was mostly centered around fast food advertising and not around eating homemade cookies while playing board games at home, but maybe I shouldn't make such a big deal around dessert.

I'm a little conflicted on this one...because dessert is inherently fun. What do you do in your household? Is dessert a big deal or not a big deal for your children? Tell me in the comments.

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