Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Moving back home

Sometimes I tease my Mom about her home (sorry, Mom), because she maintains two guest bedrooms that are reserved for her grandchildren to stay with her whenever they want. I tease her because I know it takes a lot of work to keep up her home, but she does a lovely job with it. And, my son absolutely loves the idea that he has his own bedroom at his Nana's house.

I should stop teasing my Mom. Because what if my life drastically changes and I have to move back in with her? I've done that once before when I was pregnant and had to live away from my husband (due to work), and I was very grateful for the extra bedroom and the TLC that came from having my Mom and Stepdad take care of me (thanks, Mom!).

More and more adults are moving back home. More than you think. In fact, the Pew Research Center has just released the numbers, and the number one living arrangement for the 18-34-year-old crowd has become living with the parents. This is the first time in more than 130 years that adults have been more likely to live with parents than on their own or with a spouse.

Pew breaks down all the data, but one highlight for me was reading that men are still more likely than women to still live at home. I'll have to keep that in mind as my son continues to grow older; I'll remind him that he always has a place to return to.

Would you consider moving back in with your parents? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments.

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