Friday, April 22, 2016

Feeling a little ticklish

I am not ticklish.

Let me clarify with a list:
  • I am not a robot.
  • I was ticklish when I was younger, but am not now.
  • I don't remember the point in my life when I stopped being ticklish.
  • This is common. (Google it.)
  • I really am not a robot.
My son, however, is highly ticklish. He has lots of ticklish spots (neck, armpits, tummy, knees and basically all of him when he starts laughing). He yells for someone to stop but then comes back for more. We have to be careful when tickling him to make sure he has time to catch his breath. He is the type of ticklish that is like catnip for his Daddy. 

My son likes to tickle back, which works out well on his Daddy (who is also very ticklish), but causes disappointment when it comes to me. He asks me why I am not ticklish.

I tell him that tickling is an evolved behavior. Other animals tickle their babies to teach them to protect the vulnerable areas of their bodies or because tickling is fun. I tell him that you can't tickle yourself - that it has to be a surprise and it always needs another person. I tell him that people lose their touch receptors as they get older, and maybe Mommy just lost most of hers. I tell him, that I really do not know.

I wish I was just a little bit ticklish. But I am not.

Happily there are lots of things in life that make me laugh, like when my son asks me to hold my husband down so we can both tickle him.

Are you ticklish? Tell me in the comments. 

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