Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Entering the Minecraft generation

"Is he ready for Minecraft yet?"

That was a text from my sister-in-law shortly after my son's sixth birthday. I pushed her off with claims that he has enough screentime and that I wanted to wait a bit longer.

I think the truth is that I wasn't ready for Minecraft yet.

That is entirely my fault, as it has taken me a long time to really research it. But I have started to rectify that. For starters, I've read through this great long-form article that covers Minecraft's growth from just being a game to becoming a way for children to learn social conventions. (You know, stuff we used to learn how to do on the playground.)

The more I read about the game and everything that it forces children to do - problem solving, introduction to coding basics, learning how to get along - the more I like it.

But the rest of me thinks about the swim lessons that he needs and the outside activities I want him to try and that I want to make sure that a new game doesn't automatically increase his expectation of more screentime.

So, the question remains: Are we ready for Minecraft yet?


Do your children play Minecraft? What are your thoughts about the game? Tell me in the comments.

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