Friday, March 18, 2016

The ultimate breakfast wars

It is Saturday. My son and I are in the kitchen and I am teaching him how to make scrambled eggs. I watch him as he stands on a stool near the stove, mimicking the moves I showed him earlier with the spatula. "Look, Mommy! I am swooping the eggs and they are coming out fluffy."

The eggs he makes are perfect. We devour them and clean up together, with only a few comments on my part that the best cooks in the world know how to clean a pan as well as they know how to cook in one.

This is breakfast. This is cooking. And there is no room for excuses. After reading this article discussing how many  millennials have stopped eating cereal because it isn't as convenient as other breakfast foods, I want to make sure that my son has the basics down. The basics for our family include cooking and cleaning up afterward.

I've written before about the importance of learning to cook. But I never considered that people might not expend the effort of cooking because they didn't want to clean up.

Now I know. And I'll make sure to include that in my teaching repertoire.

Up next: Pancakes.

What breakfast foods do you avoid because they aren't convenient enough? Spill the details in the comments.

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