Monday, January 11, 2016

Technology in the hands of children

I must be doing something slightly right as a parent. For Christmas, my son received his uncle's old iPad. Although my son seemed not as excited as we all expected him to be at the time, he has since declared it to be "the best gift he could ever receive" and "the only thing he has ever wanted in his whole life." He also spent the next few days only wanting to play games on his Uncle's team and sit by him at meals. High praise from my son (in actions, if not in words.)

So, my son now has an iPad. And my son recently told me that having an iPad was a privilege and a responsibility. So my message about technology must have sunk in somewhere.

And that is great to know after reading that technology has become so easy for toddlers to use. Several recent studies have shown that children aged four and under are able to swipe and scroll, as well as choose apps with relative ease. I believe it is that ease of use which is partially responsible for parents handing over their devices to children.

We've made it through my son's toddler years without him having his own device. And now we are ready to take all that advice and research that I've been collecting over the past few years and put it to good use. We're still working out the rules and limits, but it's a conversation we're having together.

What age did you first give your child their own device? Share with me in the comments.

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