Friday, December 4, 2015

Everything I know is wrong

I have tried standing more during the day. Because I once read that sitting too much was bad for my health. I tried standing more at home, at work and when I went outside to play with my son. I stood. But, it turns out that I didn't need to.

Another study has just declared that sitting isn't going to kill me. Nope, what is going to kill me is the lack of movement altogether. It doesn't matter if you sit or if you stand: You just need to move more.

That's good news, as I am sitting right now and am very comfortable.

I've also been focused on my sleep, thanks to my fitbit and its ability to track both the length and quality of shut-eye I get per night. And because of that, I have been limiting my screen time in the evenings and trying to find other ways to rest my eyes before going to bed.

But that doesn't actually matter either, since people without electricity don't get eight hours of sleep at night either. Sleep is actually regulated by a lot of factors - temperature, light, noise and other stuff. So, there's that.

And yet, I will still read my studies. I will read them because they make me think about my life and the things in it that I can change for the better, and the things that I need to work on. They inspire me and motivate me to be a better wife, mother, person. Even when they aren't 100 percent accurate.

What is something that you recently found out you were wrong about? Share with me in the comments.

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