Monday, November 16, 2015

Determining Mom's favorite

Most siblings have had the argument over who Mom's favorite child is. To the non-favorite child, the choice is obvious. but the favorite will usually still claim that they are not the one (even when everyone knows they are). As we've learned before, the favorite child can change over time, depending on how similar/dissimilar a child is to their parent in terms of social and political views.

There is actually an easy but sad way to tell which child is Mom's favorite: It will be the child most prone to depression.

Through a long-term study, researchers were able to determine that the child who feels as though they are the closest emotionally to their Mother, is also the child who feels that they have disappointed their Mother the most. And it is that perception of disappointment which leads to mild depression in children.

Researchers don't have insight into Father's favorites and how that affects their children (maybe they are working on that next), but that is something to keep in mind: It's hard to be the favorite child.

Are you your parents' favorite child? Tell me in the comments.

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