Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Growing up too soon

On the days that I think about it too much, I can't believe that my son is already five. Like most parents, I think that I blinked and he went from being a gurgling baby to a chaotic, smart, loving kid.

But even if I can't account for the speed of time, I can account for what we have been doing in the meantime. We've been playing. Whether we are making forts, dancing in the kitchen, building with Lego bricks or reading together, that little guy of mine is having fun.

I hope (when I blink again and another 20 years passes) that he remembers all the fun he had in childhood. Because, your childhood evidently predicts your parenting style. Researchers studying low-income families found a strong correlation between women who had to grow up too soon (and take on a great deal of family responsibilities) and a less-warm parenting style. Reading the conclusions from the study is a little heartbreaking - it is almost as though those children who were adults too soon became too jaded by the time they had their own children.

So, yes, chores are important; I want my son to feel personal responsibility and be a committed member of the household. But, I also want him to be a kid.

How many chores do you give your children? Share what type they are in the comments.


  1. My 2 year old and I do chores together and she "helps." This was great when I was pregnant with her sister. She handed me the dishes from the dishwasher and I put them in the cabinets. We bought her a little broom, and when I sweep she sweeps too. (This usually means I ended up sweeping twice as long, but she has fun. She sweeps it back all over the room.:D) At dinner she loves to set the table. We're working on potty training, and if she has an accident, she wipes it up- then I wipe it up again, and she carries any wet training pants down to the laundry (but I go with her.)
    The only chore I have any amount of difficulty with getting her to help with or do is making her bed. She doesn't like her bed made for some reason.

    1. Wow! You should count yourself very lucky to have such a great helper! I hope she continues to help you as she gets older - thanks for sharing!