Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Adding on a vegetable

You come home from work and head straight into the kitchen. Within a few minutes, you are pre-heating, sauteing, chopping and seasoning. It's a Tuesday, you've put in a full day at work, and now you are cooking with purpose: You are trying to get dinner on the table before 7 pm.

A few minutes before seven, you have the food plated. Everybody is seated and the house smells delicious. As soon as you sit down, you hear it:

"But I don't like peas!"

My son does not like vegetables. At all. But I still think about incorporating them into meals and try to encourage him to eat them whenever possible. One day he may try them on his own.

I have hope.

I also now have new fodder for including veggies into my meals: They fool the family into believing that you are a better cook. It's weird, but true: Through a series of studies, Moms who served meals that included a vegetable were perceived to be more attentive of their families and better cooks overall.

Sounds good to me. Please pass the peas.

What's the go-to vegetable you like to add to meals in your household? Tell me in the comments.

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