Monday, June 22, 2015

Your on-screen purchases

You are in the store. You've been roaming the aisles for several minutes until you finally find the item that you've been looking for. So, what do you do next? Why, you take out your phone, of course. But the reason why you take out your phone depends on your gender.

Moms take out their phones to see if they can find a coupon or a better deal.
I've seen this in action: I've watched Moms scoff at the price of something on the shelf in front of them, whip out their phone, purchase it online and walk away.

Dads take out their phones to do research or find product reviews.
I've actually seen this one, too: A Dad trying to decide on two versions of a product looked to the online reviews to be his tie-breaker.

The study that figured out the above behaviors was trying to determine how people used their phones while in stores to better service customers. But what really interested me was reading that study in conjunction with this one claiming that Dads spend more in stores than Moms do. Although the main reason for the second study was to point out that millennial men are doing more shopping for their families overall, the research also shows that Dads are more willing to trust brand names and not hunt for bargains when shopping for their families, the way that Moms often do.

So maybe it's time to go shopping together: Mom can find the coupons and Dad can read the product reviews.

Which parent does the shopping (groceries, back-to-school, etc.) in your family? Do you like the way it works out? Tell me in the comments.

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