Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dad needs balance, too

When my husband and I married, my uncles had a plethora of advice for my husband, which boiled down to this statement:

Happy wife; happy life.

I've asked my husband, and he says the statement is basically true, however, his well being is definitely important to me. And it turns out that there is an easy way to help him maintain his happiness: By encouraging him to spend time with our son.

The Academy of Management Perspectives is releasing a new study indicating that the best way to retain their top male employees is to let them spend more time with their children. The study concludes that fathers are starting to feel the strain of the  elusive work/life balance that mothers have been feeling for years.

Longer hours at work + rushed nights at home = unhappy parents of either gender. And unhappy people aren't as productive. (Why has it taken so long for companies to figure this out?) Although the majority of men do not experience the same stigma about parenthood that working Moms do (the mommy track), they still feel stressed out trying to balance work life with family life.

My husband has a job that he truly enjoys, and I've been trying to save time with cooking and other chores so that we have more time together as a family. But what the study has pointed out is that he needs to spend time with our son, not with all of us.
    Which made me come up with this handy reminder:
    For a happy dad; have him spend time with his lad.

    (Needs work, I know.) What fun activities does Dad like to do with the kids? Let me know in the comments.

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