Friday, December 19, 2014

What's your family look like?

I love my son's drawings. He creates rocket ships with lots of windows so the astronauts can see into space, city buses that also act as street sweepers, and recently, he started drawing castles.

But he rarely draws pictures of his family (probably because we are not as exciting as his other subjects). And that is OK for now, but I will definitely ask him to draw pictures of his family when he turns six.

You see, researchers have determined that the drawings of six-year-olds speak volumes about their home lives. Children who come from cluttered, loud homes will draw themselves as smaller in size and at a distance from their parents. Or they will draw themselves with indifferent faces and drooping hands.

Although this is not an exact science, the researchers who led the study believe they have come up with an objective way to look at children's drawings and measure them for happiness within the home.

But why at the age of six? The team indicated that younger children still have difficulty drawing or creating an accurate picture of home life, whereas older children may have the notion of a "perfect family" in their heads and draw that instead.

While I wait for my son to turn older so I can see what he really thinks about his home life, I will continue to cover my refrigerator with rainbows, flying cars and dinosaurs. Because, to me, those pictures are a very accurate depiction of our home life right now.

What kind of artwork covers your refrigerator? Tell me in the comments.

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