Monday, October 27, 2014

You should text your mother

As mentioned before, my Mother is really good with technology. She blogs, she texts and she FaceTimes with her grandchildren. It turns out that this is really good - not just that she is adept at embracing new things, but it's good for my relationship with her.

Through a series of surveys, researchers found that adult children and their parents had the highest satisfaction in their relationship when there were multiple communication channels to choose from. Long gone is the phrase, "Call your Mother," as it has been replaced with the notion that adults now text, tweet and post updates to their Mothers and - most importantly - Moms are using those communication channels back. (The same is true of Dads, of course.)

This news, unfortunately, may just bolster my Mom's argument that I need to join Facebook. It would provide another way for us to keep in touch. I don't know why I fight her - Mom is usually right.

What about you? What communication channels do you use to stay in touch with your parents? Share with me in the comments.


  1. I would agree that multiple communication channels are a key ingredient. My mother and I keep in touch through phone, text, Facebook, email, and of course seeing each other whenever we can. Because of this we always know what's going on with each other and are in near constant contact. My father, however, doesn't bother with all that technological stuff and so our interactions are limited to need-to-know conversations over the phone...and who has time for phone calls anymore?!

    1. Haha, Brandyn. Maybe some dads rely on another communication channel - their wives!