Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Coasting in the classroom

There are several people in my office who stand while they work. I admire them. Because although I know I need to stand up more in my day, I'm not yet at the point where I am ready to raise my desk. (I'd have to stop wearing heels to the office, for one thing.)

But my standing co-workers have nothing on the kids in this article: These elementary school children are piloting a program in which they bike while they read. Imagine it: You walk into a classroom and see 30 children on exercise bikes while they are reading books.

In a world where children have less recess time than they used to, the bike-and-ride program is an innovative way to add exercise into an overly structured day. Children burn calories at their own pace. And there is an added benefit - the children who participate in the program actually have better retention rates on what they are reading.

My son likes to read with me. But we have to be selective about our reading times when he is ready to sit still and pay attention to the book. Otherwise, he acts like a little kernel of popcorn next to me - just ready to explode with energy, and I know he is not paying attention.

What if he was on a stationary bike while reading? Would the motion of his legs help him burn off his extra energy and focus more? We've talked before about boys being more restless in the classroom than girls, so maybe this is a good solution.

Would you want your child to bike and ride during reading time? Let me know in the comments.

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