Monday, August 18, 2014


There were a lot of considerations that went into trying to find the right name for our son. We wanted something unique, but not crazy. Something that was meaningful to us, but wouldn't set him up for a lifetime of trying to explain his name to others.

And since then, I've learned lots of interesting things about how others perceive us by our names. And there are some pretty cool tools out there to help parents pinpoint naming trends.

One thing I didn't see coming was the ability to choose a child's name based off its domain availability. Yup, that's a thing now.

You can use the handy tool to type in the names you are thinking of (first and last) and see if the domain is available. And, of course, you can purchase the domain if it isn't taken.

I'm not sure how I feel about that. Sure, I've heard of parents getting domains and setting up social media accounts for their children, so maybe this is just one more gift that you could snag before the baby is born. (But what if you want the sex to be a surprise? Should you just snap up both names you are thinking of?)

My son is one-of-a-kind in every way - including his name. But I don't think I'll be buying his domain for him anytime soon. I'll let him make that decision for himself when he gets older.

What about you? Any interest in getting a domain name certificate before you get the birth certificate? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Wow. I really think parents need to stop and think about what's best for their child in the long run. And also think about what's going to be available in the tech world in 15-20 years. I for one, want my kids to realize that there's value to not having their lives fully available online. As for me, of course I bought my name on a .com thinking someday, just someday, I'll need it for all my fans of the books I'm going to write. :)

    1. I agree with you - who knows what will be available for our children more than a decade from now. And, personally, I can barely keep up with all my accounts, nevertheless ones that I've created for my son.