Thursday, August 28, 2014

Just five more minutes, Mom

As mentioned before, when it comes to mornings, I am awake and ready to go. This ability served me well in middle school and high school when I was responsible for getting myself awake, dressed and to school (via the bus or my own two feet) on time. I set my own alarm and I didn't hit the snooze button.
I know that there are other bees out there like me, just not a lot of them are teenagers.

Most of us learn (usually when our teen years are over) that teenagers actually need more sleep than adults, and they are getting much less than what they should be getting. (Are you thinking back to your teenage years right now? Are you yawning?)

I wasn't really surprised when I read the American Academy of Pediatrics was advocating pushing back the start times of school from 8 am to at least 8:30 am to allow students get more sleep. And, on the surface, it all makes sense.

But I remember being a teenager; and I remember being up late at night for various clubs, activities, homework and other random reasons. So, maybe that should be addressed as well. Teens who do too much in the evening hours are cutting into their sleep on that end, too. I'm not sure that a later school start is the only answer here.

Every school day when I wake my son I am greeted with a sleepy, "Mommy, can you let me sleep for just a few more minutes?" which is funny to me, because my son is too little to tell time and doesn't know what a "minute" is. But he is not too little to tell me that he needs more sleep.

Must be time to take another look at our bedtimes.

What time does your little one go to bed? What about you? When is your bedtime? Tell me in the comments.

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