Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why Mommy needs some alone time - Part 1

I am in the store by myself.

This is odd for me. I am usually accompanied by my son and husband, or at least by my son. But, he did NOT want to go grocery shopping with me, and my sweet husband elected to stay home with him and build with Legos or set up racetracks or do whatever it is they do together during man time.

Which leaves me in the store by myself.

I am always caught slightly off guard when this happens to me - like I have forgotten something really, really important, but can't remember what it is. But, by the end of my shopping trip, I start to feel comfortable with the alone time and know that I will mourn its passing.

So, I am standing in the checkout line, and in the line next to me is a boy about my son's age. He is tugging at his mother's shirt and saying, "Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Moooo-ooooom, Mom, Mom, Mom..."

And she looks like she is going to snap.

At this point, I am very thankful my son is not with me, because (gasp), what if he saw that behavior and wanted to give it a try? I'm working on my patience and am not sure if I would have that kind of resolve.

But, I'm also reminded of this study that basically claims that children are more aggravating than they were 15 years ago.

('re welcome, Mom.)

So, let's talk about that more next time. In the meantime, what's the worst behavior you've ever witnessed in a public place?


  1. My father used to hold my hand whenever we would go into ANY store. I had a thing about wanting to touch every single pretty on the shelves. After I accidentally broke a few items, Dad said that was it. So he would hold my hand, and every time I reached for something on the shelf he would squeeze my hand. If I didn't stop, the pressure would increase. I saw a pretty crystal unicorn on the shelf that I just had to touch ... Dad almost broke my hand in two squeezing that day but I gritted through the pain till I got to just put a fingertip on it. The heart wants what the heart wants lol!

    1. It's hard to deny those impulses when you are a child. Do you have any hands-on children now that you use the same method with or do you try something different?