Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Food is always on my mind

The amazing Marcia Fowler who runs Busy Moms Write was kind enough to ask me how my 100 recipe challenge was going. (She is very considerate that way.)

The truth is that it is hard. My husband and son have a long list of don't-want-to-eat items (which they are perfectly entitled to), so I have to modify a bunch of recipes. And then, of course, we moved houses, which made me want to cook nothing but comfort food...
Image by Shawn Carpenter

But those are excuses, and it's time for me to get back on track. We've had some winners (salsa chicken was yummy!) and some losers (the white chilli was meh at best). After consulting my cookbooks (thanks, Mom!) and the Interwebs, I have become intrigued by the latest research on food pairing to help children eat their vegetables.

The study on that link was basically an exercise in associative conditioning - children who were served Brussels sprouts or cauliflower with a more savory food, were more likely to learn to eat their vegetables.

(For the record, I am so unfamiliar with Brussels sprouts, I had to look up the correct spelling to type them into this blog post.)

But, I like this idea of pairing bland and savory. It won't work the same way as the study for my son, who is still learning about portion control and what healthy food does for his body, but for now, I'll can be on the lookout for more of those recipes that incorporate veggies in a non-obvious way.

Is this cheating? Maybe. But we moms could use the advantage sometimes.

Have a recipe you want me to try? Leave me a message or link in the comments. Thanks!

In the meantime. Follow Marcia to be a better writer, reader and self-editor. She's awesome!

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