Monday, January 20, 2014

Want more family time? Fix your slow computer (or turn it off)

Sometimes, I feel like I spend my entire day in front of a screen. I look at my blogs in the morning, then go to work where I stare at a computer all day, and I am usually on my computer at night as well. It's bad for my eyes, it's bad for my posture and it's bad for my family life.

A new study by Harris Interactive on behalf of has found that on some days, 64% of U.S. parents of young children spend more time with their computers than with family or close friends. That is believable and awful and true.

The study goes on to suggest that if you want more time with your family, you should fix your slow computer and get more time back in your day. Of course the study suggests that, as is in business to make computer upgrades.

I have a different solution: Turn the computer off. I know that it is easier said then done, but I think we can all do it. 

Which is exactly why I am cutting this post short today. Don't leave me a comment - just enjoy your day!

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