Friday, January 3, 2014

Grandparents Challenge: Share a hobby with my son

My son is a lucky little guy. He has three sets of wonderful grandparents who love him to pieces. They think he is adorable (and he is), they love to brag about him (and he is brag-worthy) and they all read this blog (hi, everyone!) So, with all that in mind: I have a challenge for them:
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Teach my son your hobby.

Let me back up a moment and explain. When I was little, I wasn't very close to my grandparents. We lived far away from my maternal grandmother. And, although we visited my grandparents on my father's side often, I had too many cousins to distract me from them. My maternal Grandmother was great at sewing and crocheting and the textile arts. I wish that I could have picked up those skills from her, because I can sew buttons, but everything else needs to be sent out for repair. My paternal Grandfather loved woodworking and collecting pennies, but other than us receiving the fruits of his labors, that wasn't a skill he shared. I should probably email my paternal Grandmother, as I am actually not sure what her hobby is these days.

Now, back to the present. My son's grandparents are amazing people with mad skills. (Take his grandmothers, for example: one is an accomplished dancer, one is a superior swimmer and one is multimedia artist.)

So, here is my challenge to each of you. Pick a hobby that you want to share with your grandson. Something special that the two of you can do together - learn Italian, practice archery, go camping, clip bonsai trees - whatever you want. He may not want to do it his entire life, but maybe when he is my age he can look back and think of all that wonderful time you spent together.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

What special skill do you wish you learned when you were younger? Tell me in the comments.

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