Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My backseat driver can't see over the steering wheel

Image by mkrigsman.
I'm an average driver: I've never had an accident or even a ticket. I consider myself to be safe and alert when on the road (at least most of the time). Being a mom has just increased my sense of safety. And it's not because I am carrying precious cargo; it's because whenever I am driving anywhere, I have to pay extra close attention to respond to the endless remarks of my backseat driver. 

These are things I regularly hear from the backseat:
  • What does that sign say?
  • How fast are we going?
  • You forgot to turn on your turning signal. 
  • Do you see the red brake lights on the car in front of you?
  • The yellow lights mean slow down, Mommy.
  • Where are we going?
  • What road are we on again?
  • Is this going to be a short trip or a long trip?
  • I think the park is to the left.
  • Can I see the map? 
  • It's time for us to play some of my music now.
  • You should have a drink in the car for me at all times.
  • Do you have any snacks?
  • I wish you would let me drive.
In addition to all this, my son has fallen in love with Emily, which is the name I've given to the GPS in my car. (Everyone names their GPS, right? I can't be the only one.) He wants to hear her at all times, as though he doesn't trust me to get us where we need to go. Even to the places we travel every day. If I dare to go a different way than Emily dictates (because of traffic or to get gas), then I hear an explosion of unhappiness from the backseat.

I'm also thanked randomly for strange things that I didn't know he was paying attention to. "Thank you for parking in my favorite parking space, Mommy," or "This is my favorite way to get to home; thank you for going this way," or "I'm really glad we took the Mommy Bus today." (As opposed to the Daddy Wagon.) At least he is polite.

The upside to all of this is that I know my son is paying attention. And that means that I have no trouble remembering my little mantra of making sure we are all safe when we are in the car. Because whenever I forget, he will remind me. From the backseat.

Do you have a backseat driver in your car?


  1. I love how polite your son is - that's really sweet. Our kids are notorious of the "are we there yet" - over and over - until they eventually fall asleep. We many times find ourselves driving around on the weekends - in hopes of them falling asleep - that's the best kind of back seat driver


    1. Thankfully, he hasn't learned the "are we there yet" mantra (please, do not tell him about it!) Glad to hear you've found a full-proof method for getting your little ones to sleep!