Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mommy needs her sleep

To be a good mommy, I need my sleep.

When we first brought our son home from the hospital, my husband and I created a rule: He wouldn't sleep in our bed. We let him sleep in his own space (a crib), in his own room. We all slept well (or as well as any parent can with a baby in the house.)

I did share a bed with my son once when we were on vacation. He was frightened about sleeping somewhere new, and he cried relentlessly unless I was laying next to him. I woke up sore from his kicking me all night, and I barely slept with all his rolling around.

So it surprises me to see 14% of parents sharing a bed with their infant. I have to wonder about the overall quality of sleep in those families.

Now that my son is older, I am glad that we put that rule in place. He knows that he is not allowed to sleep in bed with us, and I believe that we all sleep better for it. And don't we all need more sleep these days?

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