Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When did the tooth fairy get rich?

When I was young, I snooped through my mom's things and found a box of baby teeth. And that's how I found out that the tooth fairy wasn't real. (Sorry, Mom. Also: Ewww.)

But up until that point, I thought the tooth fairy was really great. I loved seeing those shiny quarters under my pillow in the morning. And, although my son is nowhere near the age where he will start losing his baby teeth, I have looked into the going rate for teeth these days. It's getting expensive. I am not sure that I am ready to give out $5 per tooth.

But, I do want the experience to be special. I've read before about parents leaving small toys or other items under the pillow instead of money. So, maybe it should be special money - like a $2 bill or a Sacagawea coin. Or am I just being cheap?

One thing I don't think I will be doing is keeping my son's teeth. (Seriously, Mom?)

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