Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Clockwork households - Take part in a routine study

On weekdays, my son has a very set routine: Get up, dressed, brush teeth and hair, off to school with it's schedule, come home, play, chores, dinner, bath, bed.

On weekends, we are a little more chaotic. With all the articles on routines being good for children, I am sure that the pace of our weekends is throwing him for a loop. (I want to think that it teaches him to be flexible, but I am not that naive.)

But, here's something cool to see how routines affect children in general. The Learning Habit Study is looking for parents to fill out an online questionnaire (should only take about 10 minutes) so they can look at the relationship between children's routines and the way they learn. The study is open through the end of October; results will be available next year.

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