Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How peer pressure now will probably backfire on me later

There is a webcam at my son's school. I like it because I can check in on him at any time. But it is definitely a window into some strange behavior.

At home, he is a pleasant child who creates chaos and sometimes argues with me about picking up his toys, taking a nap or breaking for lunch. I am used to that. It's normal for us.
At school he is part of the swarm. I watch his group at play - how they all assemble at the door to go outside, sit patiently on a mat waiting for their next activity and even lay down for nap time without a fuss. It's amazing (and a little scary).

I get it. At school, they are supposed to participate in group activities and learn to play well with others. It's really about conformity and doing what the rest of the group is doing, which I am pretty sure is peer pressure at its finest.

But, wait, aren't I supposed to help him avoid succumbing to peer pressure and think and act for himself?

Being a parent is so confusing.

I am sure that 10 years from now when I am trying to teach my son about the negative effects of peer pressure, he will throw the whole, "but you told me to take a nap like everyone else in my class did" back in my face.

And I will try my best to take a deep breath.

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