Friday, April 26, 2019

The fights you have with your children

It is not even 8 am yet, and my son and I have fought over five things:
  • The fact that it is morning and he has to get up for school
  • That he forgot to get dressed for school and didn't put on his uniform
  • He didn't brush his teeth before coming downstairs
  • He is still angry about it being morning
  • He has to go back upstairs to get his glasses
It's not going well.

But maybe "fight" is the wrong word: It's morning. He's clearly in a bad mood. Maybe the day will get better from here. And - if it somehow doesn't get better - I am taking him to school shortly where hopefully the change of environment will snap him out of his drudgery.

Is it fair to classify these as fights? I don't know. I know that his voice gets raised, that my blood pressure goes up, that I find it harder to not speak with kindness.

Am I comforted by the fact that most families have 6 fights per day?

Maybe. (Although in my current case that means there is probably one more fight to go, right?)

Looking through the list of common arguments on that link, I can see that most of them fall into the same camp as these micro disagreements I am currently having with my son. I am glad to see some familiar items on that list. Others will never happen in our household (Sidenote: sorry about all the sibling fights, Mom!)

For now, I will try to get my son to hug me for a minute. Because we both need to reset and try to tackle this morning thing together.

How many small fights do you think you have with your child each day? Tell me in the comments.

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