Monday, September 5, 2016

Redesigning the school year

My son has caught me in a technicality.

The problem is that I told him camp lasted all summer but he knows that summer lasts through most of September. I failed to tell him the difference between "school summer" and "seasonal summer."

So, as we have started back to school, he will occasionally (and wistfully) tell me that he wishes he was still in camp "for the whole summer."

Clearly this is all my fault.

Like it or not, I can't control his school schedule. And, although I am glad that his school recognizes that sleep is important and doesn't start until after 9 am, the hours are not very friendly toward working parents. Like so many before me, I struggle with work/life balance and school hours and vacation days.

So, what would school look like if we could redesign the system? Would it favor longer hours to support working parents? Would it favor a year-round format to lower the "forgetfulness gap" that happens in math and reading over the summer? Or would it even resemble school at all?

That is the question that The Atlantic recently posted, and got some very interesting responses in their latest series on schools.

So, what would the ideal school schedule look like for your family? Tell me in the comments.

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