Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Renting some motherly advice

When I was in high school, I returned home one day to find my Mother with a baby. My Mom loves children and it was quite possible that she had finally stolen someone's baby since I was almost out of the house and she needed someone new to need her. In reality, it didn't really surprise me to learn she was babysitting for one of her coworkers. At the time, it was a little strange to see my Mom with a baby - the way she nuzzled and smiled and cared for the baby was really sweet and very surreal for me. I was her baby, so I never really got to see her in "full-on Mom mode."

Of course my Mom looked totally natural to me when many years later I watched her nuzzle my son.

I am fortunate to have a great relationship with my Mom. Let me put it this way: When I need my Mom's advice, I send her a text or give her a call. My Mom is good about balancing the line of motherly advice and letting me figure things out on my own. I'm lucky to have her (thanks, Mom!)

And although I am all for spreading the wealth of knowledge in this world, I am not sure how I would feel if I found out she was renting out her Mom services to other people. But there is at least one woman out there who is a rent-a-Mom. Need an objective opinion, someone to just listen to you navigate a problem or want someone to tell you everything is going to be OK? You can pay for Mom expertise by the hour.

I get it: If you do not have a Motherly figure in your life, then my heart goes out to you. Everyone should experience that relationship for all its highs and its lows. They should have a world of memories of when life isn't fair and of when they couldn't have gotten through something on their own. For many adults that role gets filled by many people in our lives, but no one probably does it the way your own Mom does.

What Mom skills do you think you could rent out by the hour? Tell me in the comments.

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