Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Just say No to homework

Imagine this: School is over. Your children go to their after-school sports activity or music lesson and finally comes home. They have time to play outside and get some fresh air and sunshine. At the dinner table, everyone has time to talk about their day before retiring for their separate activities for the evening. Your children go to bed on time.

And there is no homework.

Homework has become a staple of nightly battles in families for decades. And yet, some schools are ditching homework altogether. The reasons for abandoning homework are simple: Our children are overworked. When we read studies on adults needing a break and free time to relax and tap into our own sense of creativity, we forget that the same good advice applies to children. But we can't give them that free downtime if they are busy with algebraic worksheets until well past their bedtimes.

Is homework necessary? Maybe. But probably not in the quantities that are currently given. It may be time to scale things back and focus on the areas they need help with the most.

Would your children excel or flounder if they didn't have homework? Tell me in the comments. 

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