Friday, October 30, 2015

Keep it moving all day long

Sometimes when my son and I are doing errands on the weekend, he complains that he is tired and needs to sit. I ask him why - especially if he has only been standing for a few minutes - but then I remember that he is in school now and he has become used to sitting all day.

Then I read about schools like this one in Charleston, SC, where there are opportunities for students to move all day long.

I shared the video on that link with my son and asked him: How would you like it if you had a bicycle desk? His eyes lit up and he said he would love it.

I can't blame him. He is young and needs to get his energy out. (Heck, I feel like I sit too much and need to get my energy out.) What better way to do that than through a desk that lets your body move whenever you need to?

Tell me what you think: Should an active environment be introduced into your child's classroom?

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