Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Moms aren't in the picture

I have several problems with taking pictures on my cell phone.

The first problem is with my son. Every time I take out my phone to take a picture of him, he starts to pose and smile in an ultra cheesy way instead of the natural way he was smiling a few seconds earlier.

Clearly I have told him one too many times to smile for the camera.

The second problem is that while flipping through my phone I see lots of pictures of him and him with his dad, and him with other relatives, but there are not a lot of photos of just him and I or even the three of us together.

Family photos are important to me. Reviewing the evidence of my childhood, my Mom was the primary photographer for our family, and I don't have nearly as many photos of her as I would like to have. Am I setting up my son to have the same thoughts when he reaches adulthood?

The real question here is: Why aren't more Moms in the picture?

A recent survey by Harris Poll confirms that Moms are usually the primary photographers in the family. But one of the biggest reasons that Moms stay behind the lens is that 40% of them do not like the way they look.

Moms, we need to change our point of view:
  • Hand the camera to someone else.
  • Don't think about what you look like now, think about if your child will want to know what you looked like when they were 3 or 6 or 12.
  • Don't smile for the camera. Sometimes candid photos are the best ones.
What are your tips for taking more family photos? Tell me in the comments.

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