Friday, August 7, 2015

No boy bands for me

As my family left a science museum on our vacation, we passed hundreds of girls lining the streets near a local arena. They were dressed in fan gear - shirts, shorts, socks, buttons, jewelry, hats - from head to toe and were holding signs, banners and flags for One Direction. And despite the heat and that it was four hours before the concert was supposed to start, there they were.

I immediately had three thoughts:
  1. I'm glad I have a son and that the likelihood of him going crazy over a boy band in the same way as these girls is slim.
  2. All those parents standing behind those girls lining the streets must really love their children.
  3. My Mom should probably thank me.
I was never really into boy bands, never asked my Mom to pay a small fortune to take me to a concert and never wandered around the house dressed from head to toe in a band's gear.
So,'re welcome, Mom.

Which boy band provided the soundtrack to your youth? Share your love for your favorite in the comments.

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