Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Daddy issues on a whole new level

My husband is a wonderful man. (And that is not just because he reads this blog.) He is a supportive spouse, an intelligent person and a fantastic father. In our hurried life, we pass messages via text, talk while he is standing in the kitchen and cozy up on the couch together. I hope that he feels the same level of support from me that I feel from him.

I really, really hope that - for our son's sake.

In a new study (which I don't fully understand), researchers from the University of Sussex found that children's behaviors were often cited as being at their worst when Fathers felt unsupported by their partners.

Families of preschool children completed scores of questionnaires on their children's behaviors and thoughts on their spouses. A detailed analysis found that when men felt poor support from their wives, there was an increase of incidents of a child acting defiantly. Mothers, on the other hand, had no correlation between feelings of support and child behavior.

So, I wrote all that, and it still doesn't make sense to me. The study, which only points out the link, doesn't attempt to provide causation. Why do men who feel unsupported think that their children defy them more often? Is it a control thing? Or a blow to self esteem somehow?

I don't know. So, for the record: I support you, honey. I may not have included the word "obey" in our marriage vows, but I'm on your side.

How does your child defy you? Leave me the details in the comments.

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